Today, as every organization faces this critical period, every plan of action and communication will reflect the direction of your leadership, partnerships and brand integrity.

To valued partners, ambitious leaders, industry friends, fellow designers and creative communities:

As we face this massive challenge, we are caught vulnerable of the sudden disruption of the vision we nurtured and built over the years. It is truly daunting. Admittedly overwhelming and incredibly appalling. We can all agree we are on a critical phase as we strive to survive and be accustomed with what the pandemic has brought to the world and into our lives. Our everyday becomes a struggle to cater to the needs of our team and people, our partners and customers, even our family and friends while we persistently navigate our financial and operational challenges.

Amidst this uncertainty, leaders are now confronted with how to be responsive yet responsible to this abrupt shift to what everybody now calls as “The New Normal”. From today, how we respond reveals our stronghold of leadership, partnership and integrity.

Indeed, business should focus on the present and daily targets rather than embarking on long term goals. As a seasoned entrepreneur said, if we stay alive this year, then we would have made a profit already. Yet and again, it is not the time to be impulsive but rather we should be responsible and resilient. We should contemplate and plan carefully our succeeding decisions and actions as it would steer clear the direction of our destination while we gradually emerge as renewed brands to this unprecedented era.

Brands of tomorrow:

Acknowledge its strengths as well as its weaknesses in order to better understand how it can adapt while continuously reinventing — Redefining our purpose, customer promise and addressing them in new communications both in our messaging and by advancing technology in our operations.

Draw strength from its people to provide its customers with quality products and services while caring for every employee and empowering the team. — Boosting the morale of your people, attending to their needs as they are your brand’s frontliners. Take good care of them so they can take care of your customers. Sharing your new vision and goals will give clarity, value and motivation.

Still and wise as it understands divine power and intervention — As the wise Napoleon Hill quoted “You cannot scare a man, who is at peace with God, his fellowmen and himself. There is no room for fear in such a man’s heart.” “… I ask not for more riches but more wisdom.”

Recognize conflict as turning points to meaningful change and purposeful transformation.— In this new era, change will be ever more constant and rapid. New and renewed brands must establish long-term strategy for the next 6 months or so that is adaptable and flexible to better prepare and proof your business against future conflicts and disruptions.

Constantly moving and finding ways to serve better experiences. Gone are the days where businesses compete with each other. At this challenging time, businesses must be united. We must rise above our old norms to emerge with this promising and better landscape where businesses become empowered through moving people’s lives while also helping other businesses thrive. What used to be a competition suddenly transformed into a community.

Today is an opportunity to emerge. To reinvent our brands of tomorrow — purposeful, transformative defined to move people's lives and businesses.

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