Metropolitan WaterWorks and Sewerage System - Regulatory Office


Brand Identity System, Messaging, Tonality and CSR Campaign & Voice.

Commissioned to reinvent the brand identity system representing the institution’s Regulatory Office in 2015. Essential to the brand development is the ability to communicate the mandate of the institution uplifting its integrity, communicating its vital roles and revolutionizing the stereotype perception on any regulatory body. Created MWSS-RO brand identity system serving as a seal of high standards and affirmation of its authentic public service.

Corporate Brand Identity System

To establish and acclaim MWSS-RO as an independent and internationally recognized regulatory office that protects, promotes, and fulfills the rights of consuming public to safe, adequate, affordable, and reliable water supply and to environment-friendly sewerage system

Care and Respect for the Environment through Efficient Conservation of Water (H20)

c.a.r.e.ECH20 is a Social Awareness campaign that echoes RO’s commitment to the preservation of the environment through encouraging the public to become engaged in this challenging yet rewarding advocacy. This campaign aims to provide rippling responsiblity and cooperation among everyone--- from MWSS to its Concessionaires down to the consuming public.

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