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As rich and distinct as its history, Adamson University (AdU) epitomizes harmony in diversity. Guided by Vincentian values, AdU advocates Education with a heart. Since 2015, we have been collaborating with the IDEA office to deliver truthful representation while effectively promoting its advocacies instilled through Vincentian Education. We have applied its unique structures and patterns as part of its visual expression creating a more profound imagery and approach.

Visual Styles, Patterns, and Key Elemental Expression

Adamson University is filled with rich history and heritage. Its structures, campuses along with its environment are etched with distinct visuals, design elements, and architecture dated since AdU’s conception, during the Art Nouveau Era and Pre-War. AdU was able to preserve such art and culture. With such beauty, it is imperative that we reflect AdU’s unique history, stories and the culture built through time by injecting such graphics and inspired styles into our communication mediums.

The welcoming doors of Adamson University’s Heritage and Culture --- founded with a mission to impart knowledge and experience and built upon the spiritual and humanitarian values and principles of Adamson University’s patron saint, St. Vincent de Paul,---Universal Patron of Charitable Works. Depicted in every etch of the door is a remarkable history of Adamson University while over the years embracing its significant evolution as a Vincentian institution that upholds charity in service, harmony in diversity, social responsibility in action directed towards continuous search for excellence and sustainable development.

Team Spirit

Rekindling The AdU Soaring Falcons

Preserving the Roots

Moving forward with the Digital Age and Social Media Era, AdU adapts to contemporary aesthetics and representation yet still preserving the roots of AdU’s rich heritage, culture and arts.

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