we are

"Since 2004, we have been entrusted to help businesses in diverse industries build thriving brands positioned for growth, profitability, and sustainability."

We are a team of creatives and strategists passionate about pioneering simple solutions for complex challenges. We endure the demands of developing purposeful, intelligent and evolving brands until we ignite emotions that genuinely create experiences connecting people and growing brands.
We are Teamholix, a communication design and branding agency with roots in Manila Philippines.

we do

Established with strong ambition to challenge our dream to become instrumental into creating and further building brands for the world to experience. Over the years, we reap its reality through profound partnerships with warm people with bright ideas whom we share mutual desire and vision towards brands and its distinct delivery.

"We pursue vision and its relentless execution is our mission."

Our work spans from brand management and communication design, customer and employee experience, brand identity and visual expression, brand experience, brand naming and development, branding and creative solutions to space design and interior visualizations, product development and packaging, exhibitions and installations, websites and digital media and experience, advertising and campaign communications.

how we
do it

Understanding that every business has its distinct perception, culture, principles and ideals whether start-up, established, reinventing or scaling up, we ensure the brands we help develop are rooted from its leaders, their vision and values, reflected by its people’s culture and brand of service creating chain of new experiences across its network radiating to its customers.

"We work closely with wonderful people, involved in day-to-day, to create solutions that contribute to business development, growth and sustainability and further seeding into opportunities."

We are privilege to be a part of a meaningful cycle where businesses thrive and partnerships prevail.

why we
do it

Amidst diversity, we share unanimous love for brands — brands that ignite the senses, build trust and loyalty that upholds integrity and creates symbiotic partnerships—- our passion marks our love for creativity.

"We believe that purpose driven brands cultivated by exceptional leaders and truthful people yield into significantly better world to live in."